A downloadable bug-spring-jam-2017 for Windows

Volkan Sevinç

Emre Mert Özdemir

Ecehan Akan

A 48-hours Game Jam product within the theme of the jam; "Eat. Play. Love." HungeRun is a 32-bit platformer, an eating habit simulative adventure game. Main story starts with the avatar, Mr. White, changes his eating habits in every level for a different reason. In the short game jam story, there are three levels for his life styles. For some reason, he has to run (always chased by somebody or something).

Core mechanics are left, right, jump and collect. "Collect" stands for "eat". If Mr. White eats bad food (junk food, or even meat for the 3rd level), he gains weight and his health goes bad.


HungeRun.rar 36 MB
Hungerun presentation.pdf 669 kB
Hungerun.pdf 335 kB

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